UI sketches

        Creating clear sketches can helping users or clients to understand the design concept by visualizing the information. For the HCI practices, I created three sketches for the concept designs. 

To do list reminder


  1. Users want a reminder which can have to do list function and well organise the task.
  2. Users can have a check list and set up alarm for those tasks in the one day display calendar. 

Currency exchange caculator


  1. Users want to know the currency exchange in one minute and switch between tow or more kinds of currency in less thanks 2 steps.  
  2. Users can read enough simple and minimise information in the interface. 


Voice memo recorder for digital Watch


  1.  User want to use digital watch to do quick recording and as as audio or text file. 
  2. According the protect people’s privacy because of the cultural constraint, the watch will have a tap sound as the feedback of pressing the button when the app start to recording.  
Gwynne LeeComment