Product Design - Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard equipped with a large touch screen with Android platform. This product was targeted for business, and the features include interactive whiteboard App, presentation mode and video conferencing...etc.



The initial challenge was to deliver the operating system for the new product line. But we provided a more elegant experience for the target users. Analyzed the requirement from stakeholders and created the UI design for the interactive whiteboard.


My Role

• User research & Analysis

• Wireframes / User flow

• UI Design & Prototyping

• Illustration/Icon design

• Usability Testing


Foundational Research

We began by exploring our assumptions about the experiences of officers in this situation. We conducted meetings to interview stakeholders, shadowing coworkers in the meeting room to find the potential features, and testing the low-fi prototype on the device.


Key insights

螢幕截圖 2019-07-20 23.54.51.png

10-foot interface

Through the research and study the guideline documents, testing the usability by creating quick low-fi prototypes to define the suitable composition for the ten-feet distant and close-up interface.

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Complete tasks in the time

We found that people were very nervous and afraid to make a mistake during the meeting.There are multiple tasks they have to complete.

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Quick access

Through the observation section, we found that people care about getting more efficiency in their workspace. How to get every tool they need without too annoying and complicated could be a better solution.


Defining the features that users really need

We focus on research results to create features that users really need. And co-creation and brainstorming with software engineers (R&D) to define the features.

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Design with speed and flexibility

Introduce and implemented Sketch in team collaboration. We designed the GUI with Sketch, applied, and shared the symbol with speeding up the production process. Delivered the GUI spec to R&D with Zeplin to reduce the documentation time and cognitive difference.

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Designed for Simplification

I aimed to design a clean and modern look that helps users finish their goals quickly. I focused on the colors scheme to transmit elegant and reliability.


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Fresh visual design

I also designed illustrations to keep the look fresh, diverse, and modern.

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螢幕截圖 2019-07-21 00.08.25.png


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